Ficus lyrata care

Height 110 cm Diam 21 cm

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This tropical plant fears that an atmosphere that is too dry will benefit from receiving a maximum of humidity to compensate for this lack.

It should be located in a bright room, but it should not be exposed to the sun.
He likes temperatures between 15 and 25 °
It should be watered when the soil is dry, but not in abundance and always with water at room temperature.

ficus lyrata
Humidity requirement:

In addition to regular misting of the leaves, the potted Ficus lyrata can be placed in a 2-3 cm bed of clay balls and filled with water so that evaporation brings moisture to the leaves.


Good light without direct sunlight is appreciated.

Avoid moving the plant too often as it will take time to adjust to its new environment.
Watering the ficus lyrata

Ficus lyrata is a plant of tropical origin that needs water and humidity.

Water at least once a week, waiting for the soil to dry out between two waterings.
On the contrary, in winter we can space the irrigation a little more.
Feel free to regularly spray water on the foliage, this will improve the quality of the foliage and prevent the leaves from drying out, especially in winter when the heating is running at full speed.

Pruning ficus lyrata

The ficus lyrata supports pruning very well.

By regularly pruning the ficus lyrata, allow it to branch.
You can prune it once or twice a year, rather in late winter and late summer.
It is not necessary to severely cut the branches, a light pruning is enough.
This allows for beautiful foliage.

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The ficus lyrata is a very attractive houseplant, valued for its beautiful glossy, leathery green foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: ficus lyrata
Family: Moraceae

Type: Indoor plant
Height: 3 m indoors
Soil: soil

Exposure: Light without direct sunlight.
Foliage: persistent

The lyre fig is prized as a beautiful houseplant for its beautiful green foliage throughout the year.

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