Flowers funeral deliveries

Send flowers to funeral homes, cemeteries, deceased in Barcelona

Flowers traditionally accompany the mourning ceremony. Decorate the place of worship or ceremony, decorate the procession and pay tribute to the deceased until the last farewell, the cemetery or the garden of remembrance.

To accompany families and loved ones in this painful test of life, it is customary to give them flowers. But what composition to choose? Where, when and how? Here are some valuable tips to organize your flower delivery Barcelona, both professional and private.

What flowers to choose for a funeral?

For mourning, white flowers are the most requested because they are associated with purity, respect and sincerity.

The noble flowers, such as the white rose or the lily, are the main protagonists of the bouquets and floral arrangements proposed for this occasion.

Of course, other seasonal white flowers may participate in the event, depending on the period during which the ceremony is performed.

In recent years, the duel dares with the colors of the country and the sober colors: pastel, cream or salmon, which coincide elegantly with white.

On the other hand, cheerful colors should only be chosen if requested by the family or was a wish expressed by the disappeared person.

Flowers for all the Saints in Barcelona

On All Saints’ Day, the chrysanthemums bloom and it is an opportunity to think of all those who have left us.

Hatchery of yellow, red, white, pink or orange chrysanthemum available in different containers, but there are also beautiful gardens of autumnal plants available for this moment of meditation.

For All Saints we deliver flowers directly to the cemeteries, in the tombs at no additional charge.

If you choose this delivery option, it is important to provide the maximum amount of information for our florist, such as the number of the grave to deliver the chrysanthemums or the cutting of plants in your name.

On the day of all the Saints in Barcelona, far from the eyes but close to the heart with flowers!