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Red dried foxtail

is a wild foliage that will bring volume and lightness to your compositions.

The dried foxtail is wild foliage that has been naturally dried. The Sétaire will be perfect to give volume and a little lightness to your compositions. This red dried flower will marry perfectly in your bouquets whether they are dry or fresh for a colorful rendering.

We particularly like the cut and the shape of the dried foxtail, a slightly ruffled cut that will bring a lightness to your future compositions.

Compose yourself your bouquets, enough to get unique creations that resemble you. Red dried foxtail will be perfect in your DIY, whether for the centerpiece or your wedding bouquet! Place some stems of dry red foxtail with a mixture of dried Branchy Rose and some stems of Achillea or Nigella, you will get a dry bouquet trendy country notes.

Description of red dried foxtail

– color: red (also available in orange and natural color)

– flower type: dried

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