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Yellow dried phalaris

Our collection of dried flowers is growing from day to day so that you can play with the reliefs and the colors and make pretty dry and different country bouquets!

The dried flowers combine well with other cut flowers but fresh. Add some stems of dried flowers to your bouquets of fresh flowers for original creations and unpublished.

We particularly like to associate phalaris with other dried flowers such as yarrow, foxtail and helichrysum. The small flowers of the phalaris are light and delicate, allowing you to create pretty airy compositions 100% dried.

Choose from our new collection of dried flowers the ones you prefer to combine them and create beautiful bouquets that look like you. Vary the shapes and colors so that your bouquets, bracelets, buttonholes, hair crowns or centerpiece are creations to your image that you can keep forever.

Description of natural dried Phalaris:

– Color: yellow

– Type of flowers: dried

– Length: about 65cm


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