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The yellow Broom Bloom is a combination of small round dried flowers ideal as a base for dry country bouquets and colorful.

Discover our new selection of dried flowers. Let yourself be charmed by our different varieties, shapes and colors to make dry bouquets in the air and eternal!

The yellow Broom Bloom is a dried flower composed of small flowers in the shape of balls arranged at the end of its long stems for a result all round and vaporous. This beautiful flower is perfect for original compositions and country. Mingle some Broom Bloom stems together, tie them with a nice ribbon or natural rafia and put them in your most beautiful vase. Here’s a simple idea among many others to make Broom Bloom your deco asset!

Embellish your composition by combining the yellow Broom Bloom with other dried flowers or fresh flowers for a floral effect even in winter.

At the same time light and delicate, this flower will bring the necessary brightness to your composition.

Description of Broom Bloom dried yellow:

– Color: yellow but also available in red


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