The flowers in Spain

Spain and its flowers

The “La Maya” party in Colmenar Viejo, declared of Tourist Interest of the Community of Madrid, takes place every year on May 2. It is a festival of pagan roots of the cult of nature.

It has a great tradition in the history of Colmenar Viejo, revolves around girls and flowers, welcoming spring in Spain and its flowers.

The “Maya” is a girl dressed in petticoats, white shirt, Manila shawl tied behind her back, adorned for the occasion with multiple beads, necklaces and flowers in her hair.

She remains seated, very serious and without speaking, on an altar that mothers and grandmothers have previously prepared with a multitude of flowers, white sheets and a curtain coverlet.

Next to her are her companions, some girls who, dressed in a similar way, address the curious with a brush and a tray asking “for the Maya, for the Maya, which is beautiful and gallant.”