Valentine’s Day

Valentine Flowers

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roses shipping valentine

roses shipping valentine

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Is there a more romantic and exciting gift than flowers? Times change, but some emotions remain eternal.

Giving flowers never goes out of style, and it is always a romantic way to declare yourself or reaffirm a true and profound feeling.

On your most special dates, marked and romantic, say with flowers what only the Heart knows. Fast and quality deliveries for all of Barcelona.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

One of the legends about the origin refers to the time before the birth of Jesus Christ. In ancient Rome, Valentine’s Day began when Emperor Claudius II banned marriage between young people in 270 BC.

The goal was to decrease the number of married men and have more soldiers in their contingent. Dissatisfied with the ban, the Bishop Valentinus challenged the king’s authority and began conducting weddings on the sly.

After his discovery, he was arrested and sentenced to death. In prison, Valentinus fell in love with a blind girl, daughter of the jailer.

With a miracle, he regained the vision of his beloved and left her a letter before being beheaded.

On the ticket, it read “from your Valentine” (from his Valentinus). It was from this phrase that the expression Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day), date commemorated, until today, in the United States, on February 14.

Enjoy all the symbolism of the most romantic date to revitalize relationships, thanks to your partner or companion, finally, the important thing is shown with gestures, words, affection (and whenever possible also with flowers!).