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Sant Jordi – Patron saint of Catalonia, Grand Martyr, Christian of the Peasant and Rich Family, was born at the end of the 3rd century in Cappadocia (Asia Minor).

The original name of Jordi proves from the Greek Giorgios that means Pagès (Man who works in the field). He was a Roman military and had more than 1000 men under his charge.

But the confrontation with Diocletian and the distribution of his goods to the poor leads to imprisonment, martyrdom and subsequent decapitation, are made almost proven, even those who have people who doubt their existence.

Despite in a church in Syria and also according to Pope Gelasi there in 490, St. George is already mentioned with a venerated person. Apparently he died in Palestine at the beginning of the fourth century.

In Catalonia, he began to venerate in Sant Jordi around the 10th century in the Ripollès and later in the Bages, years later his cult reached the limits of Aragon.

His intervention in the conquest of the Balearic Islands and of Barcelona around 900 was legendary, but Saint George did not become fully popular until the 13th century with the Crusades, and this made us twin with the Kingdom of Byzantine.

Some say they have been where St. George was born and others have seen their tomb and their skull in an Asian Castle.

Others say that their remains were brought to Europe under the protection of Venice around 1400.

Already in the middle of the 20th century when the track of where the remains of Sant Jordi were believed to be lost, some scholars offered the restored Generalitat de Catalunya a reliquary with the supposed remains of the Saint. We hope that this is the case and that Saint George finally ends at land in Catalonia.

The Legend of Saint George

What has, in fact, marked Saint George’s life as a legendary character and the popular event around the world was his supposed confrontation with a Dragon (Demon).

Some versions say that in a pagan city of far away Libya there was a Dragon that people offered him rings and lambs and afterwards people who drew it through a lottery were offered to the Dragon.

One day he touched the king’s daughter to be handed over to the dragon and the same king offered the hand of his daughter who saved her and ended the life of the Dragon.

It was then when the Saint George’s Knight faced the Dragon and ended his life with the sword.

From the blood that was spilled rose a Garden of roses and rose red and more beautiful, Saint George offered to his beloved.

At times the city became the Christianity. Other versions say that the events took place in Montblanc (Segarra) and they celebrate this every year, others say that it happened in the Valencian Country.

Be maybe the place would be the least, if it is sold the relevance and the fact that Sant Jordi is every day but present in the Catalan Countries.

The struggle of the Dragon and the Holy is the representation of beings against evil, in other cultures the Dragon is represented with a crocodile or even with a giant squid.

Sant Jordi today

The Catalans celebrate Sant Jordi Day on April 23, being the day of lovers, where the man gives a rose to his beloved wife and a book to his beloved.

The day of the Book and of the Rose is every year greater and loved by the people of here and at the same time exported by the people that come from outside.


– The Cross of Saint George is the most prized distinction for the Catalans
which the Generalitat of Catalonia grants to the people who have done it
something of great relevance to our country.

-The Cross of Saint George and his Flag are inside the Shield of the
City of Barcelona, and also on the Shield of F.C. Barcelona.

– Palau Sant Jordi is the most beautiful and emblematic Sports Palace
of Catalonia, where it hosts sports, cultural and sports events
social and that was inaugurated for the Olympic Games of Barcelona in
year 1992

The other great legend was picked up by the Catalan gentry Joan Amades who placed the fight of Saint George and the Dragon in front of the walls of Montblanc.

Many years ago a fierce dragon terrorized the surroundings of Montblanc.

It devoured the animals to such an extent that it threatened the integrity of the inhabitants of Montblanc. To avoid the attack of the beast it was decided to free him every day a neighbor.

A raffle was held among the population, including the royal family, and luck meant that the chosen person was the king’s daughter.

When he was about to be swallowed by the dragon, a knight appeared and saved it, wounding the dragon to death. It was San Jorge.

In the place where the dragon shed his blood was born a rosebush of red roses. Since then, the Catalan tradition in which men give a rose to their beloved remains.

Annually, coinciding with the day of San Jorge (April 23) the Medieval Week of Montblanc is organized.

During two weekends the village relives its past and the streets, squares and towers of the wall show the flags and stately banners.

A large number of events are held that transport the audience to the middle ages: the representation of the legend of Saint George, the scenes of daily life, the medieval dinner, a fire meeting, the medieval market, the staging of the Courts Catalan, etc.

The Medieval week of the legend of Saint George has become the great showcase of Montblanc.

Due to its fidelity and historical rigor, a variety of events and exterior projection has been declared a National Tourist Interest Festival in Catalonia and in the Spanish State.

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