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Indoor plant Pachira aquatica

Height 45 cm / diam 13 cm

(pot not included)

This decorative plant brings happiness to the house.

Its graceful trunk crowned with leaves that unfurl like a parasol makes pachira a large and lovable houseplant.
Colors and shapes

The pachira aquatica, or water cacao tree, has mainly two or three intertwined stems and dark green leaves that resemble a hand and its five fingers. As it grows, the plant quickly acquires a beautiful crown of leaves. The graceful structure of the plant consists of large leaves at the end of long, thin stems. Therefore, the plant is more aerial and allows light to pass through. This totem plant stores water in its trunk and therefore does not need much care. This makes it a robust and very attractive green plant for those who like to have a lot of greenery in the house without having to take too much care of it.

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