Flowers Christmas Delivery Barcelona

The Flowers Christmas Delivery Barcelona 2019 at the best price

Fresh flower delivery Barcelona. This Christmas fills your home with magic with these exclusive floral arrangements. You will find them in Herbs.

The year must be dismissed as it deserves and for this we propose in HERBS a series of Christmas centers, which will decorate both your table and your home.

Everything must be prepared for the great event that is repeated every year, but must never be the same.

Flower centers for table decoration 2019

Discover our collection of Flowers Christmas Delivery Barcelona, centers, bouquets and Christmas plants. This year the parties at the HERBS BARCELONA florists emphasize Poinsettias or poinsettia that you can send at home with baskets, jute sack, and various sizes.

The mistletoe or luck bouquet has to be given away and we have it in several formats.

We have several bouquets and Christmas centers to send in Barcelona, ​​decorated and undecorated crowns, advent wreaths, trees, Eucalyptus, holly, fir, Christmas pines, ardissia plants and much more.

Flowers Christmas Delivery Barcelona

In addition to our website you can find in our stores the following items and much more, find out by calling 93 415 13 77.

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Christmas flower deliveries Spain

Christmas is the best time of the year to meet with the family and give gifts. Discover our Christmas bouquets and flowers, flower arrangements, wreaths, flowers decoration in Barcelona and make your choice!

A Christmas bouquet, the perfect gift to give or decorate your home for Christmas ..
Our Christmas flowers.

You will find in our Christmas catalog a selection of Christmas bouquets, Christmas flowers and floral arrangements for the holidays.

Sending Christmas flowers: have them share all the magic of this holiday season! Your florist HERBS BARCELONA has selected for you a whole collection of bouquets of flowers, roses, plants.

Place your order directly on our site by selecting the floral composition you want to offer, add a small personalized message, we will arrange to send your flowers and deliver them to your recipients.

You can also go through one of our florists in Barcelona and discover a great assortment of products that you can buy in our flower shops such as plants, poinsettias, nadalas, eucalyptus bouquets, mistletoe, lucky bouquets, Christmas trees, moss, Fir branches, pine, ilex, Christmas branches and much more.

¿What is mistletoe?

It is a natural plant of Great Britain and other countries of northern Europe. It is housed in trees, such as oak or other large trees.

Like the pine tree, which has therefore risen to the category of a Christmas tree, the mistletoe remains green during the winter.

Mistletoe bouquets with their white or red berries are traditionally used as Christmas decorations, tied with a red ribbon and hung on beams or on the door.

Now the most interesting: according to an Anglo-Saxon world tradition, which is said to have originated in the Scandinavian myths, two people must kiss while passing under a branch of mistletoe. And this is taken very seriously!

Christmas mistletoe

It is said that the symbolism of the mistletoe goes back thousands of years. Some ancient cultures, such as Greek and Roman, had it as a medicinal plant, which cured almost any evil.

The plant has also been associated with vitality and fertility since the dawn of our era. It is not clear how the tradition of the kiss arrived in England, but in the 18th century it was already quite popular.

At first, men were allowed to “steal a kiss” from a woman under a mistletoe, and if the woman refused, it would be a sign of bad luck.

It is currently a joke that is still widespread, even in other countries that were British colonies, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Flowers Christmas Delivery Barcelona