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Dried flowers yellow Limonium

The dried yellow limonium because of its color brings a solar and extremely bright touch to your floral decorations.

It has an aerial and vaporous appearance, in the style of the gypsophila, the broom bloom or the dried statice Tatarica.

The limonium comes in different colors, all more beautiful than the others: white, yellow, purple, and soft pink.

It’s a perfect flower for many occasions:

– do you like DIY and want to create a wreath of dried flowers? The dried yellow limonium will form a superb base of dried flowers, by its volume and its softness.

– Do you want to make a garland of dried flowers? Some strands of limonium will have a country rendering, and very deco!

– do you love to create your own bouquets? The dried yellow limonium will be a nice surprise in your composition, by its bright and vaporous side.