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Our dried flowers
Dried flowers take on color!

Natural dried flowers, a “must have” that is making a strong comeback in our interiors for an ever more authentic and sustainable decor! Gone is the image of grandmother’s flowers gathering dust on the wardrobes, room for trendy creations with these timeless flowers, the picking will begin.

So if you are asking yourself questions like “where to buy my dried flowers in a bouquet?” or “where to find dried flowers in bulk?” HERBS BARCELONA offers you to buy your dried flowers in bulk and in bulk through a wide range of already dried flower varieties. So rid of the problem of “how to dry flowers?”, All you have to do is let your creativity run free, and make way for DIY. You don’t have to be a pro at drying flowers or flower arranging,

For your greatest pleasure, we are constantly offering you new products to bring you a variety of dried flowers and an ever-growing catalog! Discover our novelty of the moment the pampas grass. Highly requested by all of our customers, you can now order pampas grass in bundles of 3 stems for your interior decoration.

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